In February 2016, Fishtown civic groups held a town hall meeting with their Philadelphia Council representatives, the District Police officers, and concerned neighbors to voice their frustration with an increase in crime. After the meeting, the City Council President and Police Captain asked the Fishtown civic groups to establish a Crime Task Force to understand why the community feels unsafe and the best ways to address these issues moving forward.

I was invited to the Task Force to lead the survey development, collection, and reporting efforts. Within one month of deploying the survey online and in-person, we generated almost 400 responses from respondents representative of the demographics of Fishtown.

I then created an infographic to illustrate the key findings of the survey (see images below). In April 2016, the Task Force held a follow-up community meeting with elected officials and the District Police Captain to deliver the survey results and recommend six initiatives for improving neighborhood safety.

I am happy to say that within a year of the second meeting, at least three of the initiatives have been implemented by the Council Representatives and the District Police, including dedicated bicycle police patrols and traffic calming measures on Frankford Ave.

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